Fall Pevention

Fall  brings cooler weather and changing leaves and great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature and revive your tired, old exercise routine. Be a bit adventurous and try a new outdoor activity like cycling or kayaking, or embark on a family hike.

As we age, it is also a good time to think about personal safety. Don’t be a like a falling leaf! Use these safety tips to prevent falls.                           


  • Mild weight bearing exercises (walking, water aerobics etc.) may help slow bone loss from osteoporosis and decrease risk for fracture
  • Will help strength, flexibility, and balance

    Shoes and clothing

    • Wear properly- fitting, sturdy shoes with non-skid soles
    • Avoid loose, baggy clothes that could catch


    • Review all medication with your doctor or pharmacist
    • Inform your doctor if any medication makes you feel dizzy 
    • Take the right dose at the right time


    • Have an eye exam at least once a year
    • Wear your glasses or contacts at appropriate times

      Devices for assistance

    • Use handrails, walkers, and canes
    • Install grab bars and non-skid surfaces in showers and tubs

      Clear a path

    • Remove any loose rugs, extra boxes, or cords
    • Store necessities like clothing, food, and dishes within reach