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For payment assistance information, questions or comments, contact:
Lab Signature Service Team (LABSST)

For all other questions and/or support, contact:
1-877-933-9522 (WFDX)

To be transferred to a department, press 5
For Central Processing, press 1
For Chemistry, press 5
For Flow, press 6
For Hematology, press 4
For Microbiology, press 2
For Send Outs or Referrals, press 3

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CAP, College of American Pathologists

CLIA, CMS Certified for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act

TJC, The Joint Commission

AABB, American Association of Blood Banks

FACT, Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy

NAACLS, National Program for Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science

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