Research Cognitive Assessment Study

What we are studying

The Research Cognitive Assessment study will allow us to administer cognitive tests and test blood pressure to evaluate eligibility for other research studies a participant may be interested in.

Who is Eligible

  • Genders:
    • Men
    • Women
  • Races:
    • White
    • African American
    • Asian
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    • Other
  • All Ethnicities
  • Ages 45+

Eligibility Criteria

  • No history of stroke; Parkinson's disease; multiple sclerosis; or severe head injury
  • All medications must be stable for at least 3 months for participation
  • No current or previous use of hypoglycemic agents or insulin - diabetics previously on oral agents but have been off of them for > 1 year require PI and study physician approval

What is involved

  • This study involves one visit to the Sticht Center on Aging
  • A brief physical exam
  • Collection of basic health information
  • Measurements such as heart rate; blood pressure; height; weight; and a finger stick to measure fasting blood sugar levels
  • Memory tests which include tasks like remembering a list of words or pictures; connecting a series of numbers and letters with a pencil. Questionnaires about any changes in memory or other thinking abilities. Additional information about changes in the participant’s memory and thinking may be requested from a collateral respondent.



Contact Information

Study Coordinator
Tim Collare
Principal Investigator
Laura Baker, PhD

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