What we are studying

This research study is to find out whether insulin aspart improves memory when administered as a spray into the nasal passages of adults with mild memory impairment or early Alzheimer’s disease. We will explore the effects of insulin aspart administered intra-nasally on memory and levels of certain hormones and proteins in the blood. Insulin is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, using it in this way is experimental and we don’t know if it will be effective to help improve cognition.

Who is Eligible

  • Genders:
    • Men
    • Women
  • Races:
    • White
    • African American
    • Asian
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    • Other
  • All Ethnicities
  • Ages 50 - 89

Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants who have been or are subsequently diagnosed with early AD (MMSE ≥ 20) or MCI will be eligible. Subjects will include men and women in between the age of 50 and 89
  • And will be drawn from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. All subjects must have the ability to communicate in English.

What is involved

  • Give blood samples (8 times)
  • Physical exam (1 time)
  • Tests of memory/thinking
  • Answer questions about daily activities (4 times)
  • Lumbar puncture (LP) (2 times)
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans (up to 2 times)
  • Finger-Stick 3 days per week before first meal using a glucometer
  • Administer study drug twice a day for 12 weeks.


Pre-Study Drug Lumbar Puncture $75.00, Pre-Study Drug Memory Testing $20.00, 6 Week Study Memory Testing $20.00, 8 & 12 Week Safety Check $10.00 each visit, Post-Study Drug Lumbar Puncture $75.00, Post-Study Drug Memory Testing $20.00.

Contact Information

Study Coordinator
Tim Collare
Principal Investigator
Suzanne Craft, PhD

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