Researcher FAQs

What is the overall objective of Be Involved?

Be Involved aims to serve as a complementary recruitment tool to help connect researchers with willing volunteers and for volunteers to register (or search) for active clinical studies.

Is Be Involved only for clinical trials?

No, Be Involved is available for any type of IRB-approved study.

What do I have to do to use Be Involved as a recruitment tool?

Email or call 716-2121 to start a query.

What do I need to communicate to my IRB if I want to use Be Involved?

You may need to add Be Involved as one of your recruitment tools and/or mechanisms in your IRB protocol and that you will plan to utilize this tool.

Can I include the Be Involved URL in my study advertisements?

Yes, a goal of Be Involved is to build a robust registry of volunteers to help facilitate clinical studies for researchers and make information about studies more readily available to potential volunteers.

Be Involved is new, how will people and community practices find out about it?

Be Involved will be marketed within the institution and with regional community practices to individuals. Be Involved also has a Facebook registration component to allow users to easily register with an already established user name and password and also allows them to easily share information with friends and family.

How do I get matched with Volunteers?

Be Involved is managed by the Wake Forest Translational Science Institute (TSI). Once you have indicated you would like to initiate a query, a designated TSI staff member will run a query for a list of potential volunteers and email those volunteers on the researcher’s behalf. An individual’s detailed registration information will not be provided. Examples of utilizing Be Involved include:

  1. Email Be Involved registrants to volunteer on a study.
  2. Find out how many potential volunteers may be available to participate in a study for a grant application or protocol submission.

What does it cost to use Be Involved?

There is no cost to utilize Be Involved.

What can I do if I have more questions?

For general questions, please email or call 336-716-2121. Also, your suggestions about how we can improve this resource for you are always welcome!

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